kc marketing agency is now 815 media

A New Brand for a New Era

In the world where attention is scarce, we’re your beacon. With the fusion of 815 Media and KC Marketing, we’ve reimagined website development, making sites not just seen, but felt. Our local SEO isn’t about being found; it’s about being sought after. Social media? It’s where your story becomes the conversation. And custom programming? That’s where your challenges meet our innovative solutions. Dive into the digital realm where your brand’s potential becomes its reality.

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Marketing Agency

In this new era, our agency stands as a lighthouse for brands navigating the digital sea. We blend strategy with storytelling, transforming your digital footprint into a magnetic field that attracts, engages, and retains your ideal audience.

815 Media - Marketing Agency
815 Media - Website Development

Website Development

Our web development goes beyond code; it’s about creating digital homes that welcome your visitors. We build platforms where functionality meets beauty, ensuring every click enriches their experience and connects them deeper with your brand.

Local SEO

Our local SEO is like a digital megaphone, amplifying your presence in the community. We fine-tune your online voice so when your neighbors search, they find you not just first, but most compellingly.

815 Media - SEO for Business
La Salle Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We turn social media into your brand’s vibrant community square. It’s where your stories inspire, your values resonate, and your audience becomes your advocate, driving a cycle of engagement and loyalty.

Custom Programming

Our custom programming solutions are the behind-the-scenes heroes, turning complex problems into seamless experiences. We craft digital tools that are as unique as your challenges, ensuring your technology is a step ahead.

815 Media - Custom Programming