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We have been doing Search Engine Optimization for over 15 years and powered more than 45,000 small and medium businesses and franchises to first page results. With our best in class technology and dedicated staff, Alpha SEO allows agencies to focus on their clients and rapidly build their businesses.

Alpha SEO optimizes onsite and offsite for maximum benefit. We use artificial intelligence to make rapid adjustments. Your clients will get the ranking visibility they need in 2020 and beyond.

Our detailed dashboard and reports give transparency to our work and showcase results.

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What is Alpha SEO?

Alpha SEO is a Full-service SEO program that is ideal for businesses that want to rank higher on search engines for their local business.

How many Keywords does the Alpha SEO Base Package include?

We target 7 Keywords, which consists of the Geography where the client is located + 7 words. Example of 1 Keyword: Lawncare Orlando, Florida.

What makes Alpha SEO a Full-service SEO?

We do onsite edits and adjustments, offsite link building, website submissions, and we write content. We also provide full reporting, an excellent dashboard to see the details in a transparent way, and Partner support.

Can I get a Custom quote or do a bigger program?

  • Absolutely, we offer custom quotes where we audit the site and provide a cost. Often this is for national quotes or multi-location businesses, like a franchise. You can request a custom quote here.
  • To supplement the base program, we offer Add-ons. These Add-ons can be ordered with the initial order or at any time during the program.

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are simply a way of building the program to cover what the client needs.  This can include an additional Geography, and an additional set of 7 Keywords, and More power to the existing program.

What do I get for each Add-on?

Essentially, each Add-on doubles the work we do to help the SMB achieve success and cover the expanded program. Think…more on-page work, more content, more link building.

Example:  A Lawncare company in Orlando gets 7 Keywords with the base plan. If they want 7 additional Keywords (14 total) that will be 1 Additional Topic Add-on.

If they desire an additional Geography along with Orlando, that would simply be 1 Additional GEO Add-on.  This equates to 7 Keywords targeting 2 Geographies.

The Alpha SEO Base Package includes:

  • All-in-one white label SEO dashboard
  • 1 keyword topic and 1 target location (Location of Business)
  • 7 target keywords
  • 1 piece of content writing or guest blogging (every 6 months)
  • 10+ backlinks every month
  • 5 website pages of on-page optimization
  • Website audit and SEO issues fixes
  • Google My Business listing advanced optimization as required
  • Website goal conversion tracking [Google Analytics]
  • SEO KPI dashboard and metrics
  • Website uptime monitoring and reporting
  • Weekly website SEO health check via crawler audit
  • Weekly and Monthly SEO status reports
What Our Partners Are Saying
Partner Support:

  • All-in-one white-label reporting dashboard: Track your campaign progress with the ability to setup your own branded dashboard for the client to access and view the campaign performance.

  • Pricing: We leverage our high volume of work and proficiency with programming and technology, which allows us to pass on the benefits to our agency partners and their clients.

  • Convenience: Being a global company we work in multiple time zones and can provide sales and service support to our top tier agency partners.

  • Experience and Team Strength: We’ve been at this for 15 years and have seen it all, the various Google updates, changes in SEO, and have successfully navigated for our clients. With a team of over 350 we are one of the largest Search Marketing companies in the world

  • KPI’s: Keyword tracking for both Desktop and Mobile rankings, Google Maps, Google Analytics integration and Google My Business integration. Set and track Goals in Google. Call tracking and Lead Form set up and tracking. Live Chat implementation, notification, and results tracking. Audit reports.

What happens after the sale?2020-07-27T14:13:56+00:00

As soon as we receive your order with all the required information, we will begin working on the account. Reporting will be available to you via our Dashboard reports section or the Executive Report.

What countries are supported?2020-07-27T14:12:38+00:00

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico.

What languages are supported?2020-07-27T14:11:38+00:00

Currently we support English and Spanish.

What is the suggested retail price?2020-07-27T14:10:38+00:00

Our suggested retail price for the Alpha SEO package and for each individual Add-On is $349/month.

What is Alpha SEO and who fulfills it?2020-07-27T14:09:32+00:00

Alpha SEO is a premium SEO product that allows agencies to grow their business, and their clients to achieve results. By SM Marketing International. Over 45,000 campaigns managed since 2003.

What is guest blogging?2020-07-27T14:07:50+00:00

Writing interesting content on a guest blog is valuable to improve rankings. When the owner of the guest blog likes the content being written, they often include it on their own blog because they see its value to their visitors. This in turn can provide a backlink to our client’s website.

What are backlinks and why are they important?2020-07-27T14:06:53+00:00

These are links done offsite that signal search engines to the targeted website. There is alot that goes into backlinking safely. They days of mass link building and black hat SEO are over. At SM, we take time and make sure the backlinks come from relevant sites that is true to the business. By doing strong backlink work, the client’s website should rank higher than their competition who is solely focused on on-page work.

How often does Google update it’s algorithms?2020-07-27T14:06:00+00:00

Google does not give direct answers to this, but every few months a major algorithm update seems to occur. In between, many small updates consistently appear. SM Marketing tracks over 1 million key terms allowing us to quickly see fluctuations on a wide range of businesses. By seeing this, we can evaluate what’s working best and make adjustments to campaigns.

Can my business show up on Google Maps?2020-07-27T14:05:02+00:00

Yes, if all the relevant details are properly filled out on the Google My Business section and the site has been verified by Google, it can show on Google Maps. Adding in the extras, like videos, photos and getting reviews is advantageous to inclusion in this area of Google search.

What’s the connection between GMB and Local SEO?2020-07-27T14:03:30+00:00

Google My Business is like a directory which maintains key business information such as name, address, phone, hours of operation, map, photos, videos, categories of business, forms of payment, etc. Google gives prominence to these listings and they show up on Google SERP’s and Google maps, both on desktop and mobile. Hence having a fully completed and verified listing is very important and helps with rankings.

What are long tail keywords?2020-07-27T14:02:16+00:00
These are 3 and 4 letter targeted phrases that are beneficial to the client’s business. They can be easier to rank, but also produce strong buying results because they often convert better than generic terms.
What’s the difference between Local and National SEO?2020-07-27T14:01:12+00:00
If a business provides services nationwide it may try to rank for just the keyword. If it’s a local business it would try to rank for the keyword + the geography. So for e.g., a national chain of plumbing supplies provider would want to rank for ‘plumbing supplies’, while a local store that serves just Washington DC would want to rank for ‘plumbing supplies DC’. Local SEO is intended to get customers who live in the area to support that local business.
Can anyone guarantee first page rankings?2020-07-27T14:00:10+00:00
No one can guarantee exactly where they will rank, but someone’s business is taking up the first page search engine real estate. By doing the right SEO work, at the correct pace, and in the proper manner, clients should expect great results.
Should people do SEO if they already rank?2020-07-27T13:58:52+00:00
Absolutely! SEO is dynamic. Search rankings and results shift and change. What works today, may not tomorrow. Google is constantly updating and refining it’s algorithms. Also, as competition increases it’s important to stay on top of SEO so your website continues to be relevant. Good websites, are doing SEO constantly to maintain and continue improving their rankings. You may rank for your core terms, but it’s important to rank for secondary and tertiary terms as well.
What is on-page vs off-page SEO?2020-07-27T13:57:45+00:00
Any work that’s done on the actual site such as, titles, tags, descriptions, content, website structure, etc., is known as On-Page. Any work not done directly on the website, such as blog writing, link building, social sharing, bookmarking, various content and more is known as Off-Page.
How does SEO improve my business?2020-07-27T13:56:52+00:00
SEO is tangible work being done to the website that strengthens its foundation and makes it more appealing to Search Engines. As a result, the website ranks higher and is more visible to prospective clients on Search Engines such as Google and Bing.