Design essentials testimonialWhat I wasn’t expecting was the immediate
lift we had in mobile conversion – we’ve seen
a 68% increase since migrating over to
BigCommerce in January

Sholanda Armstrong, Digital Marketing Director, Design Essentials

Osmotics Cosmecluticals TestimonialOur previous site just wasn’t optimized for
mobile, and as a result, we were losing a
significant amount of traffic.

Jill DeGroot-Schulke, Ecommerce and digital marketing manager, Osmotics Cosmecluticals

BPI Sports TestimonialsWith all of its out-of-the-box tools and
functionality, BigCommerce allowed us to
stop playing catch up.

Bill Maroulis, Digital strategy director, BPI Sports

Bulk Apothecary TestimonialsWe expected to see a modest dip in revenue
due to seasonality, but since switching our
online sales are up 15–20%.

Gary Pellegrino Jr., President, Bulk Apothecary

Organic Start TestimonialsGoogle Shopping has tripled our revenue
stream bringing in customers we never
knew we could market to.

Peter Baseio, Founder and CEO, Organic Start

The Dairy Fairy TestimonialsWith a website, you have a lot more
control over everything, especially
your interaction with customers.

Emily Ironi, Founder and CEO, The Dairy Fairy

Primal Pit Paste TestimonialsWith a website, you have a lot more
control over everything, especially
your interaction with customers.

Amy Cazin, CEO, Primal Pit Paste

Flash Tattoos TestimonialsUpgrading to BigCommerce Enterprise has
been one of the best decisions we’ve made
for growing our business.

Kirsten Stoddard, Marketing manager, Flash Tattoos

Oyin Handmade TestimonialsBigCommerce’s abandoned cart reclamation
email has been wonderful! Over 14% of our
abandoned carts have been reclaimed.

Jamyla Bennu, Founder and CEO, Oyin Handmade

Naturally Curly TestimonialsInstead of having to rely on dev support, our
ecommerce team can manage these feeds
and drive traffic to the site quickly and easily,
resulting in a 10% increase in traffic.

Jacqueline Cheney, Director of Ecommerce, Naturally Curvy

Hippie Butter Testimonial Our newest theme has doubled our
conversion rate and raised our
average order by 33%.

Brad Ervin, Founder, Hippie Butter

The Nod TestimonialsI was, and continue to be, inspired by Apple
store products, as they are such innovators
and leaders in design.

Melissa Bamberg, Founder of NodPod, The Nod

Badass Beard Care TestimonialsNow, we’re doing more than $300,000
in a single month.

Charlie Moyer, Founder, Badass Beard Care

Keto Chow TestimonialsI looked at Shopify and at Squarespace. None
of them really could handle the volume I was
doing with all of the features I was looking for

Chris Bair, Founder and CEO, Keto Chow

Flora & Fauna TestimonialsWe launched in 3 months with 30 brands
and just under 500 products.

Julie Mathers, Founder and CEO, Flora & Fauna

The Stray Whisker TestimonialsThat is another great thing about
BigCommerce: little to no development
work if we don’t want to.

Con Kazantzidis, Founder, The Stray Whisker

Boho Exotic Studio TestimonialsWe are now average profiting $60,000 in
sales a month!

Deonna Lewis, CEO, Boho Exotic Studio

Silk Stone TestimonialsOur sales have increased tenfold online
and in our shop.

Syed Shah, President, Silk Stone