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SEO STRATEGYThis client has only been with us for a very short time, but we are already seeing
great success with their SEO campaign. They are a law firm based in California, with
new offices opening up in other states. To help them rise above their local compeition in one of the most competitive areas of the world (Los Angeles), we had to
pick the right keywords in order to target the right audience.
We performed extensive keyword research, conferred with the client, and strategically implemented their chosen
keywords on their website. We also began off-site work to help build relevancy and credibility with Google and other
search engines. This work has led to 48 keywords on page 1- many of them jumping over 100 positions – for a variety
of legal services in an extremely competitive region.
This client has also recently opened an office in New York City, and we’re using the same SEO strategies to break into
this incredibly competitive market. Just like we saw with their LA campaign, we’re beginning to see huge success, with
some keywords already landing on page 1! We’re excited to continue working with this client to help them continue
expanding their online authority in two of the busiest cities in the world.

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