5 Ways to Make Your Photos Stand Out on Social Media

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Great photos catch the eye, engage, and sell products. Whether you're promoting travel or selling clothes, you need beautiful imagery that makes people want to click on your photos and share them with their friends. Standout photography helps establish brand identity and makes it easier for consumers to understand what your products are about. Are your images up [...]

Avoid Becoming A Marketing Dinosaur!

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Marketing has changed a lot within the past 5 years.  Years back marketing was primarily buying tv ads and sending direct mail.  The industry has so many channels and ways to engage customers with digital marketing that it's easy to get left behind.  The marketing world never stops evolving so don't get stuck with a marketing dinosaur. [...]

Simple Tips to Take your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

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Simple Tips to Take your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level Social media marketing is among the best ways to open up your business to a larger market. After all, a huge percentage of the world’s population is on social media. But before you can get into social media marketing, there are few things we need to [...]

3 Effective Marketing Channels to Use for Your Small Business

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To develop a winning marketing strategy, it is necessary to identify important marketing channels that are appropriate for your business. Large corporations can brainstorm and implement as many marketing tactics as they like because they have the luxury of big budgets. However, small businesses typically have limited budgets, meaning they have to focus on marketing channels that are [...]

5 Simple Ways to Entice Your Readers with Irresistible Blog Post Titles

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In the busy age of TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read), your blog posts face a tsunami of competition for the attention of your target readers. From dawn to dusk, hundreds of Tweets, posts, emails, and videos vie for their attention. So how can you stand out? In large part, people choose what to read based on the titles [...]

What Are DKIM, SPF, and DMARC?

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DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail, which is an email authentication method. This method is used to detect spoofed, or fake sender email addresses. It is also another way to link an email back to a domain. When using DKIM, a sender can attach DKIM signatures to an email (header that is added to the message and is secured [...]

8 Ways Your Company Can Get B2B Social Media Right

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Social media is a big roadblock for the majority of B2B companies. Most are unsure of how to implement an effective B2B social media strategy, while others neglect it entirely. Perhaps they have a consistent content strategy for LinkedIn but forgo other platforms. If you think social media is unnecessary for your company, think again. Social media is [...]

How Content Freshness Affects Search Rankings

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SEO: How Content Freshness Affects Search Rankings Content freshness is a major aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). The age of your content, how frequently it is updated, and the scale of those updates is one of the most important signals that Google and other search engines use to determine the value of your site. If you're not [...]

10 Common Email Accessibility Mistakes to Avoid

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According to the World Health Organization, more than one billion people across the globe live with some type of disability. That's 15 percent, or roughly one in seven people. Due to a rise in chronic health conditions and population aging, the number of people experiencing disability is also increasing each year. Do you know if your emails are [...]

10 Content Ideas to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

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The best way to increase Facebook engagement is to post engaging content that your audience will enjoy. However, coming up with fresh ideas can be challenging. So, if your Facebook business page is looking neglected, read on. Here are 10 Facebook content ideas to increase engagement on your business page. Tell Stories Too much promotional content makes a [...]