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Powerful email marketing, made simple.

Constant Contact helps your clients drive more customers to their door with a powerful, yet easy-to-use email marketing tool that’s affordable for businesses—they won’t have to spend a lot of time or money to get big results.

Every account comes with great-looking email templates that are mobile-responsive and can be easily customized to match any brand. With list management tools, your clients can grow their email list and sync contacts with our integration. And with real-time reporting, results will always be measurable.

A powerful solution.

With Constant Contact, your clients get:

EmailEmail Plus
✓ Unlimited Emails✓ Unlimited Emails
✓ Customizable Templates✓ Customizable Templates
✓ List-Building Tools✓ List-Building Tools
✓ Pop-up Forms✓ Pop-up Forms
✓ Tracking & Reporting✓ Tracking & Reporting
✓ Image Library✓ Image Library
✓ 1 GB File Storage✓ 1 GB File Storage
✓ Marketing Calendar✓ Marketing Calendar
✓ Email Scheduling✓ Email Scheduling
✓ Contact List Import✓ Contact List Import
✓ List Segmentation✓ List Segmentation
✓ eCommerce✓ eCommerce
✓ Facebook Lead Ads✓ Facebook Lead Ads
✓ Apps & Integrations✓ Apps & Integrations
✓ Mobile App✓ Mobile App
✓ Award-winning Support✓ Award-winning Support
✓ Learning Resources✓ Learning Resources
✓ Dynamic Forms
✓ 2 GB File Storage
✓ Event Marketing
✓ Email Automation
✓ Subject Line A/B Testing
✓ Online Donations
✓ Surveys & Polls
✓ Coupons

Pay for what is used.

Pricing is based on list size and increases based on the number of contacts.

Need help?

We have dedicated resources to help you do everything from sell to set up!

Jared Eason, Sales Engineer

Technical Support

  • Emails designed to engage. Our modern, mobile-optimized templates and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to create, customize, and send emails that engage customers on every device.

  • More contacts, more customers. Your clients can collect email addresses on their website, from Facebook, through mobile, and more—so the business reaches more and more people.

  • High-fives in real time. Track success with real-time reporting and robust analytics, so your clients know who’s opening what and which emails work best.

  • Add more impact with integrations. Unleash the power of the business—and drive more revenue—by integrating Constant Contact with the tools your client is already using, like Shopify and Quickbooks.

  • Best of all, you’ll never be alone. Expert advice and award-winning support are always on hand with product support and marketing advice. See all the great things Constant Contact can do for you and your clients’ business.

Are there any resources that can help me get started with Constant Contact?2020-07-27T15:03:04+00:00

Yes! Constant Contact has an extensive collection of Quick Start Guides.

Is there any content that is restricted?2020-07-27T15:01:55+00:00

Yes, Constant Contact does not allow its product to be used to market on these topics.

What is the priced based on?2020-07-27T14:56:19+00:00

Pricing is based on list size. It’s important to note that an unlimited number of emails can be sent! List size is denoted by unique email addresses.

What is the billing model?2020-07-27T14:54:48+00:00

Constant Contact is usage based and always starts at $17 USD per month. Billing for Constant Contact operates using a tiered system. Tiers are based on the number of contacts on an account.

What is the recommended retail price for Constant Contact?2020-07-27T14:53:31+00:00

Please see the pricing chart above.

Are there any guarantees with Constant Contact?2020-07-27T14:52:21+00:00

Constant Contacts boasts a 97% deliverability rate! Open and click through rates are all dependant on the content, quality, timing and lists of the business.

Is Constant Contact HIPAA compliant?2020-07-27T14:51:05+00:00

Yes! As long as protected health information is not shared within the context of emails.

Is Constant Contact GDPR compliant?2020-07-27T14:49:50+00:00

Yes! Constant Contact is certified under the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shields, which means they transfer and protect the personal data from the EU and Switzerland consistent with the requirements of the Privacy Shield program, governed by the Federal Trade Commission and approved by the EU Commission.

Are there any country or language restrictions?2020-07-27T14:48:17+00:00

The Constant Contact dashboard is available in English but emails can be send out in any language. There are not country restrictions.

What’s the difference between Email and Email Plus?2020-07-27T14:47:15+00:00

Email Plus includes many advanced features! They include:

  • Event Marketing: Run successful events with online invites, registration and tracking.
  • Email Automation: With autoresponder, target and send a series of personalized emails to contacts.
  • Surveys & Polls: Get instant feedback from contacts with seven customizable survey question types.
  • Coupons: Drive more sales, reward regulars, and get new customers.
  • Subject Line A/B Testing: The first impression, make sure it counts.
  • Online Donations: Designed to streamline and maximize fundraising for one-time or recurring donations.
  • Dynamic Forms: Create multiple pop-up or sign-up forms with customized timing.
Why is email marketing important?2020-07-27T14:45:23+00:00

There’s plenty of data to back up the benefits of email marketing campaigns. 91% of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with (according to MarketingSherpa) and email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping businesses acquire new customers.