Like most other things on social media, it depends on the platform you’re using. Let’s break it down:

Can Delete Comments:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Cannot Delete Comments:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

    Other Options on Facebook
    While your Facebook Business page can’t delete users’ comments, you do have the ability to block specific words and profanity from your page. You can also hide unwanted comments. This can all be managed under your ‘Settings’ tab in the upper right hand corner.

    As far as Facebook reviews go, you can turn those off too. However, we don’t recommend this option because reviews today are as important as ever.

    If you do receive a bad comment or review, we believe it’s best to respond with a solution, such as asking the reviewer to contact you directly (through direct messaging, email or phone) to resolve the situation. This lets the public see you are proactive and want to make your customers happy.

    More Choices for Twitter
    When it comes to Twitter, you have a few different options to get rid of negative comments. You can:

  • Block the offending user
  • “Mute” future Tweets from a user
  • In extreme cases, report users for spam or abusive language