1. Find your domain’s DNS Settings

2. Change the A-Records for the root domain (yourdomainname.com) AND the “www” version (www.yourdomainname.com).

That means one record will exist for www.yourdomainname.com and one for yourdomainname.com (no ‘www’).

They should both point to the IPv4 address

If you would prefer to have your domain registrar company’s support team link the domain for you, we recommend sending the following message:
“I want to connect my domain to my Pagevamp website. To connect the domain, you need to change A-Records for both “www” and the root domain in the DNS settings of the domain. That’s one record for www.yourdomainname.com pointing to And one record yourdomainname.com also pointing to”

3. In the Page Editor for the website that you want to link:

A) Go to Settings.

B) Click the Custom URL button.

C) Enter the URL in the box under Connect your Domain and then click Link.