BeeOpen is Rake’s live Agent staff-on-demand service. BeeOpen agents are staffed 24/7/365, we have over 150 english-speaking live agents on staff in 2 contact centers in the central time zone of North America. BeeOpen agents work “mostly” from a provided script or experts create in cooperation with each account before we accept any inbound chats. The script helps the agents accomplish the goals of each unique business and guide the conversation. However, it is a humanized interaction and agents are experts and trained to be empathetic and establish a rapport with the customer, not just follow the script. The content of a conversation script can be as detailed or vague as the account prefers. Depending on the complexities of the subject matter involved, we generally try to keep the conversations with agents at a high-level, for brevity sake, and promise a detailed follow-up with a subject matter expert on a mutually agreed timeline (e.g. “A member of our sales team will contact you in 30 minutes to address all your concerns.”)