There are three important things to be aware of:

1. If you have more than 10 users activated in Rake, your most recently added users (e.g. users 11+) would be deactivated. Data, files, and messages will be lost in Rake for these users, however, to re-activate those users or avoid deactivation in the first place just be sure to purchase the corresponding Additional Users Add-on to match the number of active users you wish to maintain in Rake.

2. The features and limitations will be unlocked and users will have access to those features and functionality.

3. If your client intends to use the BeeOpen Live Agent staff-on-demand service (we highly recommend activating this), a kick-off call is required to activate that service. Your workspace owner can schedule the call at their convenience. During the call, we discuss how the service works, and the script they want the BeeOpen team to use during a chat.