The name ‘November’ is believed to derive from ‘novem’ which is the Latin for the number ‘nine’. In the ancient Roman calendar November was the ninth month after March.

Unlike today’s feast consisting of turkey, stuffing, cranberry, etc; the original Thanksgiving menu probably consisted of the following items:
Seethed [boiled] Lobster. Roasted Goose, Boiled Turkey, Fricase of Coney, Pudding of Indian Corn Meal with dried Whortleberries, Seethed Cod, Roasted Duck, Stewed Pumpkin, Roasted Venison with Mustard Sauce, Savory Pudding of Hominy

November Milestones:

  • Nov. 7th, 1972 – Home Box Office (HBO) was launched, in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
  • Nov. 18th, 1928 – Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse first appeared in NY in “Steamboat Willie.
  • Nov. 23, 1963 – The first episode of the BBC’s Doctor Who premiered
  • Nov. 25, 1920 – The Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade is the oldest in the US, starting on this date.
  • Nov. 27, 1924 – Macy’s department store held its first Thanksgiving Day parade.
  • Nov. 28, 1895 – America’s first auto race started: 6 cars, 55 miles, the winner averaged 7 MPH
  • Nov. 30, 1979 – Pink Floyd released “The Wall” double album.
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