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marketgoo is an easy-to-use DIY SEO tool created for small businesses. marketgoo automatically scans a website and generates a step-by-step SEO plan to help businesses increase their website traffic and rankings. Help your clients understand the SEO actions they must carry out to generate more business—without the need for technical expertise or a dedicated marketing staff!

  • marketgoo is the most effective do-it-yourself SEO tool for small businesses

  • We help users generate more business through their website

  • Help your clients take steps to easily increase their website traffic and search rankings

  • marketgoo is adaptable to any website, regardless of CMS or website builder template

  • Hundreds of thousands of businesses are currently using and experiencing success with marketgoo!

How do you complete the Optimize your page section?2020-07-28T11:57:46+00:00

This section is critical for your SEO efforts. Please see our Knowledge Base for in-depth instructions: https://support.marketgoo.com/article/465-how-does-optimise-your-pages-feature-work

I see your tool offered on the marketgoo website. What’s the difference?2020-07-28T11:57:15+00:00

The tool is the same, but we provide first-level Support for Users who’ve signed up directly on our site.

How many subscriptions can I have under one account?2020-07-28T11:56:26+00:00

You can add as many subscriptions as you want to your account, but each one is billed separately.

What happens once a user signs up?2020-07-28T11:56:00+00:00

Right after signing up, marketgoo will ask you a few questions about your site in order to better tailor your SEO plan. Then, you’ll go through 2 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Understand your Site’s SEO issues – Your site is scanned for the first time and takes you to your Dashboard, where you’ll see a score and Insights on metrics regarding your traffic, technical SEO issues, other open issues, and rankings for your chosen keywords and competitors.
  • Step 2: Start Fixing Your SEO issues and Improving your Rankings and Traffic! These results and Insights act as your tailored SEO plan, from where you’ll get easy, step-by-step instructions on how to fix any issues, and improve upon other parts of your site which will help your SEO.
  • Your website is scanned daily and you can check immediately to see if a change you’ve made has been implemented correctly on your site or not!
How many keywords can marketgoo support?2020-07-28T11:54:09+00:00

marketgoo supports 20 keywords per website.

What is the average time commitment required from business owners to see success with this tool?2020-07-28T11:53:32+00:00

We recommend that business owners should dedicate at least an hour a week to working on their SEO. It takes some time at first to get acquainted with certain concepts but it is doable and our tool was created for users who are not tech savvy.

How long will it take for my clients to see real results?2020-07-28T11:53:01+00:00

Time to see results varies for everyone and is directly related to the amount of time put into fixing and optimizing the website. We’ve seen traffic increase results for our users in less than a month, but the most common scenario is results within a timeframe of 6 months. SEO can be a bit of a waiting game but delivers incredible results in the long term.

What makes this different than other SEO products?2020-07-28T11:52:33+00:00

marketgoo stands out by continuously updating our recommendations to keep up with Google and other search engines’ guidelines, providing simple explanations of SEO concepts, and providing dedicated customer support from real SEO experts.

Is the dashboard easy to use?2020-07-28T11:50:44+00:00

The dashboard was designed with non tech-savvy users in mind, it shows a website’s results, progress and issues. All you need to do is scroll down! There’s nowhere to get lost. And if you need help, we’re only a message away.

Are there resources available for technical support questions?2020-07-28T11:50:01+00:00

Yes, you can contact support@marketgoo.com and we will get back to you in 24 hours or less.

What languages does marketgoo support?2020-07-28T11:46:27+00:00

marketgoo is available in English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese and Dutch.

What is the suggested retail price for marketgoo?2020-07-28T11:45:53+00:00

We recommend that you sell marketgoo for $29.99 per month.

How does marketgoo work?2020-07-28T11:40:22+00:00

Here are the key components of our platform:

  • Improve and track the progress of a website’s traffic & search rankings from a single dashboard
  • Receive an easy, step-by-step plan with instructions on how a business can optimize their SEO
  • Track up to 20 keyword rankings and optimize them for the website
  • Spy on up to 4 competitors’ rankings and metrics to see where the business stands—they’ll never know!
  • Get the website scanned daily with immediate results to see if a task has been implemented correctly