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Pagevamp – Instant Website Builder2020-07-28T12:03:55+00:00

This product is a “free trial” for 14 days for you to build sites and prospect customers. Purchase the add-on for a full Pagevamp website.

A Website in Seconds!

Pagevamp is the easiest and fastest way to create a professional business website, domain and hosting included. With Pagevamp, you can launch complete websites in less than a few minutes! How? Pagevamp uses a business’s Facebook Page, and builds a beautiful website from all of that content in just one click. We also update the site automatically based on the business’s Facebook Page updates.

And don’t worry, the website can then be customized in an easy-to-use editor. Pagevamp allows you to scale your website creation services, while empowering your clients to keep their website up-to-date just by updating their Facebook Page.

Does it sound too good to be true? Check out one of our website examples!

  • Sites can easily be customized: Easily edit the look, feel, and content of the website using a simple, user-friendly editor. There are many templates and designs to choose from.

  • Customers update their own sites: Pagevamp websites update automatically based on the business’s updates on their Facebook Page. One will always match the other!

  • Complete flexibility: Offer Pagevamp as a do-it-yourself, do-it-for-me, or do-it-with-me website solution for your small business clients. It’s a solution that’s as flexible as you are!

  • A turnkey solution: Everything and anything your customer needs for their website included in our offering: Hosting, .COM domain, newsletter, e-commerce, analytics and more.

  • We are website experts: Pagevamp powers the websites of thousands of small businesses in over 80 countries. Our customers include Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Unilever, and UberEATS.

  • Sell at scale: Build beautiful and feature complete websites for small businesses dramatically faster than with any other platform. It’s just minutes!

How do I connect a domain purchased elsewhere?2020-07-28T12:32:19+00:00

1. Find your domain’s DNS Settings

2. Change the A-Records for the root domain (yourdomainname.com) AND the “www” version (www.yourdomainname.com).

That means one record will exist for www.yourdomainname.com and one for yourdomainname.com (no ‘www’).

They should both point to the IPv4 address

If you would prefer to have your domain registrar company’s support team link the domain for you, we recommend sending the following message:
“I want to connect my domain to my Pagevamp website. To connect the domain, you need to change A-Records for both “www” and the root domain in the DNS settings of the domain. That’s one record for www.yourdomainname.com pointing to And one record yourdomainname.com also pointing to”

3. In the Page Editor for the website that you want to link:

A) Go to Settings.

B) Click the Custom URL button.

C) Enter the URL in the box under Connect your Domain and then click Link.

Do you have resources available for technical support?2020-07-28T12:31:25+00:00

Yes, contact Pagevamp with questions or concerns at our priority partners support email partners@pagevamp.com. Pagevamp’s support team will get back to you within 12 hours of your initial inquiry.

What happens after Pagevamp is activated?2020-07-28T12:29:52+00:00

Once you activate the free trial for Pagevamp, it will be available in Business Center for 14 days.

What happens after the 14 day trial is over?2020-07-28T12:29:28+00:00

After the 14 day free trial, Pagevamp will still provide access to the website but it will be in a limited view-only mode, no edits can be made and the domain will become unpublished.

What are the country and language parameters?2020-07-28T12:28:55+00:00

Pagevamp does not have any country restrictions. Supported languages include English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. There is also the option to activate Google’s translation tool to translate the text on the website.

What is the recommended retail price for Pagevamp?2020-07-28T12:28:29+00:00

The recommended retail price for a Pagevamp website is $15 per month or $144 per year as a DIY solution. That means that the business owner (or someone on their team) will be using the product to design and update the website themselves.

For initial setup, website design and regular updates or edits, we recommend that you significantly mark up that price.

How long do I have access to the free product, how long are the websites live?2020-07-28T12:28:05+00:00

Pagevamp provides a 14 day free trial for each of your customers!

Can the website SEO settings (page meta data) be modified?2020-07-28T12:27:27+00:00

Yes. Page meta data can be modified for any page on a customer’s website.

Can third-party widgets and tools be integrated into the website?2020-07-28T12:26:58+00:00

Yes. Widgets can be incorporated into custom website pages as HTML embeds.

What are the steps to create a client’s website using their Facebook Page?2020-07-28T12:24:12+00:00

It is really easy to create a website through your dashboard. You can follow step-by-step instructions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4iDgUFkXFU&feature=youtu.be

If the business already owns a domain, can it be used with their Pagevamp website?2020-07-28T12:23:28+00:00

Yes. You only need to quickly change the DNS settings for the domain, and it will then work with the Pagevamp website.

Does the business need to have a Facebook Page to build a website with Pagevamp?2020-07-28T12:22:51+00:00

Yes. Pagevamp uses a business’s Facebook Page for initial site creation and regular updates. For customers who don’t have a Facebook Page, we recommend creating one for them first (as a separate service), then use Pagevamp to build their standalone website.