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What is Rake?

Rake is a combination of Live Chat and Internal Messaging apps like Slack or Microsoft teams.  Most importantly, it helps customers and prospects communicate with brands in a convenient way.  Internal messaging via Channels and Direct Messaging helps teams to collaborate, share files and documents, make decisions, get answers, and generally get more work done.

Why Rake?

Business moves fast.  Without the right tools, it’s easy to get left behind.  Studies indicate website visitors love the Live Chat experience as it allows them to multi-task and get immediate responses. Rake was created with the understanding that an affordable, user-friendly Live Chat and Messaging platform would help organizations capitalize on the growing trend of messaging as a preferred method of communication.

Rake | Express

Free forever, Rake Express edition offers SMBs a unique, purpose-built messaging platform for organizations. You’ll be the hero as you watch how your client’s teams easily collaborate and get work done with world-class internal messaging features, while simultaneously engaging with website visitors in real-time as they browse using Rake’s premium integrated Live Chat.  With Rake, business moves forward and the customer experience improves.  The result is efficiency, its teams closing more deals, meeting more deadlines, and finally converting on those visitors you’ve been driving to their website all along.

Rake | Engage

The Engage edition includes everything from Rake Express, without limitations.  It also includes integrated Task management and Knowledge Base features, and most importantly it comes with BeeOpen – the Live Agent staff-on-demand service that helps your clients stay responsive and ensures they never miss an opportunity to engage with a website visitor. Ten (10) engagements per month are included.

Be your client’s hero, activate Rake today.

Editions Comparison Chart

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  • Live Chat helps your client’s teams engage with customers and prospects while they are on your site, in real-time.

  • Channels and Direct Messaging help co-workers share files and documents, recall previous conversations, share knowledge, and get work done.

  • Web and Mobile Apps help keep business moving, and customers engaged, even when on the go.

Does the Rake team handle the installation of the Live Chat widget onto the website when an order is placed?2020-07-28T13:15:37+00:00

We are happy to help, or we can provide detailed instructions to their webmaster.

Is it an A.I. bot?2020-07-28T13:15:08+00:00

Our BeeOpen service is not a bot, it is real human live agents. BeeOpen agents follow a custom-crafted conversation script, they are experts and trained to be empathetic and establish a rapport with the customer, not just follow a script word-for-word.

How does the after-hours service from BeeOpen work?2020-07-28T13:14:42+00:00

BeeOpen is Rake’s live Agent staff-on-demand service. BeeOpen agents are staffed 24/7/365, we have over 150 english-speaking live agents on staff in 2 contact centers in the central time zone of North America. BeeOpen agents work “mostly” from a provided script or experts create in cooperation with each account before we accept any inbound chats. The script helps the agents accomplish the goals of each unique business and guide the conversation. However, it is a humanized interaction and agents are experts and trained to be empathetic and establish a rapport with the customer, not just follow the script. The content of a conversation script can be as detailed or vague as the account prefers. Depending on the complexities of the subject matter involved, we generally try to keep the conversations with agents at a high-level, for brevity sake, and promise a detailed follow-up with a subject matter expert on a mutually agreed timeline (e.g. “A member of our sales team will contact you in 30 minutes to address all your concerns.”)

Can a user login from multiple devices at the same time?2020-07-28T13:13:45+00:00

Users will log in to the Rake web app using the SSO from the Vendasta business center dashboard. They may also be logged in from the included iOS and Android mobile apps at the same time.

Is the chat mobile-friendly for both the customer and the business owner?2020-07-28T13:13:19+00:00

The Rake chat widget is optimized for mobile for the customer in the browser, it senses the device and takes up the full screen height and width, but can be minimized during a session for navigation on the site. For the business user, we offer a free iOS and Android mobile app that enables real-time messaging, live chat, task management, and customer details and transcripts.

What happens after I upgrade to Pro edition?2020-07-28T13:12:41+00:00

There are three important things to be aware of:

1. If you have more than 10 users activated in Rake, your most recently added users (e.g. users 11+) would be deactivated. Data, files, and messages will be lost in Rake for these users, however, to re-activate those users or avoid deactivation in the first place just be sure to purchase the corresponding Additional Users Add-on to match the number of active users you wish to maintain in Rake.

2. The features and limitations will be unlocked and users will have access to those features and functionality.

3. If your client intends to use the BeeOpen Live Agent staff-on-demand service (we highly recommend activating this), a kick-off call is required to activate that service. Your workspace owner can schedule the call at their convenience. During the call, we discuss how the service works, and the script they want the BeeOpen team to use during a chat.

Is there a resource for support available?2020-07-28T13:11:51+00:00

Live chat is available through the business center dashboard.

Why Live Agents and not Bots?2020-07-28T13:10:58+00:00

A well-written bot can be highly effective in many scenarios. It is our belief that a bot without an escalation option to a live agent feels like the business is simply not interested in actually communicating with its clients or prospects.

What data is captured on a typical conversation?2020-07-28T13:08:50+00:00

Rake becomes a data treasure trove for your client’s business. From analyzing conversation topics and tags to accessing customer demographic and profile data, to the files, images, and documents shared during conversations, there are a ton of benefits to business messaging. Every conversation is different, and it is best practice not to “force” conversations into a specific flow. If and when conversations come to BeeOpen’s contact center, our conversation experts are trained in how to take control of the conversation and gather the required data to qualify leads and capture critical customer data. At a minimum, the customer’s first and last name, mobile phone number, and email address are attempted to be obtained in each meaningful conversation.

If my client cancels or is no longer my account, what happens to the data in Rake?2020-07-28T13:06:59+00:00

Data is encrypted in Rake systems both in transit and at rest. Your client’s data is safe and can only be viewed inside the authorized login to the application. Cancellation will revert to the Express edition. Your clients can log in at any time and retrieve data. If they need access to data older than 30 days (the Express plan limit), Rake’s technical support team can help extract that data and send it in a bulk file.

Can BeeOpen answer my client’s phone calls too?2020-07-28T13:06:05+00:00

Actually, YES! BeeOpen services are unique in that we handle both live phone calls and live chats. With some phone systems, some limitations will exist. Every phone system is different, but if the client is interested, we will gladly try to help make it happen. Special instructions are needed to forward phone calls, and instructions for various systems can be provided by contacting Rake’s support team. The way this works is the business is provided a toll-free or local phone number that they set up in their phone system to forward inbound calls after “X” seconds or at a specific time each day. The business retains its normal published phone number. When the forwarded call arrives into the BeeOpen agent, they answer the call in using an agreed-upon script, such as “Thank you for calling {{business name}}, this is {{first name}} how can I help you?”

Why do you use service engagements vs. minutes?2020-07-28T13:05:33+00:00

Traditionally contact center bill by the minute. But, chat and messaging conversations can be lengthy in duration, usually longer than phone calls. While some chats are quick and to the point, sometimes there is a significant lag between responses from the site visitor. We keep the cost to your client as low as possible in two ways. First, the maximum engagements used are capped at two (2) per session, in this way we are protecting your clients from paying for excessively long chats with a lot of dead time in between responses. Secondly, we are able to multi-task our agents when handling chats, which means they will handle concurrent chats to fill this dead space. Lastly, by purchasing this way, it also helps keep the package price for the service into a simple price that your client can expect each month. They will always know where they stand as compared to their plan and you can add or remove more engagements at any time.

Where are your agents located, is English their primary language?2020-07-28T13:04:34+00:00

Our contact center is located in suburban Chicago, IL. Our agents speak native English, however, we have some teams with bi-lingual skills. If your client’s business requires bi-lingual agents, please let us know and we can be sure your conversations route to our bi-lingual team.

What is BeeOpen?2020-07-28T13:03:58+00:00

BeeOpen is the Live Agent staff-on-demand service available for Rake workspaces. Activating the Engage edition will activate the service. Before BeeOpen staff will accept chats, a brief kickoff call is scheduled between the business and the BeeOpen team to go over the business specifics, their desired goals, and the best script the BeeOpen agents should follow to acheive those goals. Once the call is complete, the service is activated.

I have multiple websites, can I install Rake Live Chat on all of them?2020-07-28T13:02:59+00:00
The Express edition allows for a single widget configuration on a single domain. The Engage edition allows for an unlimited number of widget configurations on unlimited domains. If your client operates multiple websites with different branding or domains, you’ll definitely want to upgrade them to the Engage edition.
What if I need more users?2020-07-28T13:02:17+00:00

The Express edition provides unlimited users, this is designed to remove any barriers of adoption into your client’s workplace. We are certain they will find the internal messaging tools like Channels and Direct Messaging create immediate value in day-to-day operations. For the Engage edition, the first ten (10) users are included in the base plan monthly price, additional users can be added using the product add-ons for $3/month per additional user.

Do I need to have any technical expertise to get started with Rake Live Chat?2020-07-28T13:01:13+00:00

No technical skills are required from you or the client. Every new Rake subscription includes unlimited, free “Get Live” support. Partners or End Users easily utilize the live chat system embedded in the app, or they can call toll-free to speak to a Rake support representative. During that chat or call, Rake experts will help apply the Rake Live Chat javascript code to your website, or, if needed we will gather details to communicate with your webmaster to help facilitate the installation.

How long does it take to get started?2020-07-28T12:59:26+00:00

Usually less than 5 minutes. After activating the product, your client will instantly have access to log in to their Rake workspace. They can invite other co-workers to log in at that time as well. The internal messaging tools are 100% ready to go, right from the start. For Live Chat, they’ll have access to the javascript code snippet to apply the Rake Live Chat widget on their website, if you manage their website for them, they can email this code to you. It is a simple process with detailed instructions – but it takes less than 2 minutes in most cases. If they activated the Engage plan, we prefer to have a brief kickoff call with them to be sure we have all the information we need to accept those conversations in our contact center. Our support team is standing by, and your client can schedule the onboarding call at their convenience – a link to the schedule is provided. During this call we take time to review expectations and learn about their business, then the BeeOpen team designs the script that our agents will use when communicating with customers on their business’s behalf. Once the business approves that script, we activate the service automatically.

What makes Rake different from other Live Chat providers?2020-07-28T12:58:32+00:00

Rake is different because we combined robust internal messaging tools like Channels and Direct Messaging into the same workspace as Live Chat and external messaging. Rake delivers a complete business messaging solution once only available to the biggest brands at an affordable price point. Additionally, with the added BeeOpen Live Agent services, your subscription not only includes premium conversation technology but also a team of conversation experts (trained live agents) to actually answer those chats on your client’s behalf. This means your one low price subscription to Rake includes both the technology and the services to make it really work.