Web Service Vunlerability Assessments

At KC Marketing Agency LLC we have the ability to perform full web service vunlerability assessments and generalized website security audits. Using automated and manual testing we can identify and offer solutions to patch security vulnerabilities that may allow an attacker to compromise your services. With the exponentially increasing frequency of cyber security attacks and threats, it is never too late to have your website professionally audited and patched to maintain the highest security standards. Save yourself the headache of a recovery when KC Marketing Agency LLC can prevent attacks before they are even conceptualized. Our web service vunlerability assessments contain the following and much more:

  • Reflected, persistant and DOM based cross site scripting vulnerabilities
  • SQL injection
  • Cross site request forgery attacks
  • File intrusion attacks
  • Weak authentication attacks
  • Sensitive data exposure
  • Misconfigurations leading to information disclosure
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Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities are one of the most common web vulnerabilities affecting virtually all browsers. KC Marketing Agency LLC can identify weak security implimentation and find potentially vulnerable pages before the bad guys do.

SQL injection, allthough not as common as cross site scripting still ravages the internet at an alarming rate. With extensive knowledge in SQL and database architecture, KC Marketing Agency LLC can search for malicious queries that may exploit security weaknesses in your web service.